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Why Choose ARW Home For Your
Real Estate Home Warranty?

A home warranty should be an essential part of every real estate transaction. With an ARW Home warranty plan, buyers and sellers are covered in the event of major system and appliance failures for a fraction of the average repair cost. Protect your buyers’ and sellers’ homes with our A+ rated customer service, help generate repeat business, and drive more referrals for you.


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Enroll A Home Warranty Plan In 3 Easy Steps

With our agent portal, you can compare options and coverages, select the plan that best fits your needs, and view and manage all of your home warranty plans in one, easy location. Enrolling a home warranty plan for real estate agents has never been so easy.


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Enjoy Extra Benefits With All Of
Our Real Estate Home Warranty Plans

Your Contractor

Select from our trusted network or use your own contractor - your choice

Concierge Service

Direct access to your personal
customer service team


Guaranteed coverage on systems and appliances that passed inspection*

* Must provide inspection report

No Square
Footage Limitations

Extra space should not mean extra cost

Compare Our Real Estate Home Warranty Plans

Our real estate home warranty plans are designed to fit the needs of buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals, offering extensive protection and outstanding 24/7 customer support. Plus, all of our plans have square footage limitations, so your clients’ homes are covered no matter the size.

$100 Off!
$100 Deductible
Covered Items and Conditions
Seller's option available for an additional $75
Home Essential
Home Complete
Home Premier
Central Home Heating
Central Air Conditioning
(Including Coils)
Interior Electrical System
Ceiling Fans
Kitchen Exhaust Fan
Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Springs
Plumbing System
(Including Faucets, Fixtures, and Toilets)
Water Heater
(Including Failures Due To Sediment)
Plumbing Stoppages
(Including Ice Maker)
Refrigerant / Refrigerant Recapture / Disposal
Clothes Washer / Dryer
(Buyer Option Available in Home Essential Plan)
Garbage Disposal
Built-In Microwave
Range / Oven / Cooktop
Range Hood
High-End Appliances NO LIMIT
Water Line
Sewer Line
Select Select Select

**The $100 discount is applicable towards the Home Premier Plan or a multi-year service agreement with the Home Essential or Home Complete Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

A real estate home warranty is an annual service agreement that covers the cost to repair or replace covered mechanical failures of home systems and appliances due to normal wear and tear, protecting you (the real estate professional) and your clients (buyers and sellers) during every stage of the real estate transaction.

Sellers will have the peace-of-mind knowing that their homes are protected from unexpected, costly breakdowns while on the market. A home warranty plan also minimizes the risk of a delay in closing due to a system or appliance failure while the home is listed.​

Buyers will have the peace-of-mind knowing that their new home is protected from costly breakdowns of their covered home systems and appliances. Plus, some of our plans cover outside water and sewer lines, so their new home is covered kitchen to the curb.​

A home warranty plan is a great way for you to protect your business and your reputation by minimizing the risk of a closing delay due to a system or appliance failure. A home warranty plan often mitigates the risk of an Error and Omissions (E&O) claim, especially in a market where properties are moving so quickly. Additionally, a home warranty plan is a great way for you to provide valuable advice to your buyers and sellers. Your clients will thank you for potentially saving them thousands of dollars in repair costs due to unknown or unforeseen circumstances.

There are multiple benefits of having a real estate home warranty. For your clients (buyers and sellers), a home warranty plan offers budget protection, security, and convenience. For you (the agent), it helps avoid short-term hassles, builds stronger client relationships by providing superior service, increases client satisfaction and word-of-mouth connections, and provides new opportunities for growth.

We have already done the hard work of vetting and negotiating better pricing with our trusted network of contractors. If your client prefers working with a contractor of their choice (out of our approved network), they are still covered, but they may experience some coverage limitations and higher out-of-pocket costs.​

We have a personal, dedicated customer service team to support you before, during and after placing an order or claim. If an issue does arise, you can easily speak to a claim specialist or your local account executive to quickly resolve the issue.​

We guarantee coverage on systems and appliances that were tested and passed the home inspection. Simply provide us with the home inspection report showing that a covered system or appliance passed.
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